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For the pike progression we use smooth sliders under our feet … these are also great for middle splits mobility drills.

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The press handstand is an integral part of calisthenics and gymnastics movement and the basis of really nice handstand movements and handstand drills. Without doubt, having a good press handstand will unlock heaps of impressive calisthenics movements.

This video is a full follow-along tutorial of how to do a straddle press handstand with heaps of great general handstand and press handstand tips that will improve your press handstand movement skill. This is the best way to get a straddle press handstand fast because unlike many other press handstand tutorial videos we’ve included a full step-by-step routine including strength and mobility drills and exercises.

This is a great how to do a press to handstand video for beginners through to intermediate level specifically designed to build flexibility and mobility for gymnastics and calisthenics.