Why We Fail & What We Can Do About It

[Creating Your Vision Part 1]


Like a battlefield strewn with corpses after a war, the world is filled with failed goal attempts. It’s no secret that far more people fail to achieve their goals then achieve success.

So why is it so hard to do the little things that lead to success?

It poses an interesting question.

One psychologists have been researching for decades …

Here’s what we do know … when you attempt to make changes in your life, start something new, you are actually going against your natural instincts and urges.

I recently delivered the inaugural Vision Intensive Workshop at Unity Gym.

It’s no secret that our program at Unity Gym is a little different.

I like to think it’s extremely different.

In fact, we’re on a mission to challenge the status quo, and by doing so, completely alter the course of the health and fitness industry.

Part of our vision of the future is a world where fitness is actually healthy. Both physically, and mentally. Because most people don’t realise it, but some of the world’s fittest, looking people, are actually also some of the world’s most emotionally messed up!

Seriously, I was once part of that group.

So we’re teaching personal trainer to tackle health issues from a more balanced approach.

Balance referring to:

  • Healthier motivation – looking into new motivating factors that actually get people healthy, instead of just getting them to look healthy.
  • Healthier movement – movement complexity that improves brain function and also increases both flexibility and strength.
  • Healthier nutrition – getting people to reconnect with the foods they eat, and to develop and cultivate healthy food relationships.

After delivering the recent Vision Intensive to a group of about 60 highly motivated people at the gym, I was asked if I could provide more details on the content discussed.

Of course I was happy to oblige.

So I spent the past week drafting this article based on my notes.

Now anyone who knows me knows that I love to talk anything health.

So naturally I ended up going 18 pages in before realising I had written too much.

Not such a good article after all …

So I’ve carefully broken the content into three chapters to help deliver my notes.

But instead of delaying the release of each chapter, like usual; I decided that you could digest the content at your own pace. I will still be sending you each new chapter over the next three weeks.

But I also thought, for the super content thirsty, that I’d link them here as well.


Chapter Links:

  1. Why We Fail & What We Can Do About It?
  2. There Is More To Health Than Fitness
  3. Time To Get Clear On Your Vision

Why  We Fail & What We Can Do About It?

Our minds are hardwired to stop us at all costs from doing anything that might harm us. This includes things that are uncomfortable, scary, or difficult. Our brains are designed to protect us from such things.

And in order to change, improve your health or just be the best version of yourself, there’s no doubt, you’re going to have to do things that are different, difficult, and scary.

This in itself sets up a big problem.

And is one of the many reasons why it’s important to have a clear vision.

But I’m not going to lie, your vision is just the first step. You’ll still need to work hard to make the changes necessary for your success.

The good news is, even if you tried and failed in the past, with practice and the right techniques, you can rewire your brain to support a more successful life.

And your vision will help to provide some safety and protection from all the inevitable roadblocks and self sabotage you encounter along the way.

Painful Experiences Offer Opportunity To Grow

When asked to put together a workshop on creating your vision I was both excited and apprehensive.


Because it’s taken lots of research and years of practice to achieve my current level of emotional intelligence. My state of mind definitely didn’t change overnight.

When I considered this, I faced a real possibility that the content I’m about to present may leave many of you confused and overwhelmed.

It sure as hell happened to me at first.

Tackling these concept for many of you will be overwhelming. Usually this exercise separates people into one of two categories:

  1. Those who experience a breakthrough
  2. And those who experience a breakdown

If whilst reading this you find yourself in the later category of people, try not to worry too much. It’s quite normal and usually means you are one step closer to your breakthrough moment.

In most cases I find that for the people who do experience a breakthrough moment, that it wasn’t their first rodeo.

Meaning, they’ve done this type of exercise before and as a result, are more prepared for personal growth. I assure you, with a bit more practice, you will get there too.

At this point I like to recall a good lesson I was taught by a mentor.

“The biggest breakthroughs in life usually occur right on the other side of adversity.”

In other words, every painful experience offers a unique opportunity to learn and grow. My advice, try not to avoid discomfort. Learn to live outside of your comfort zone as much as possible.

Because your success in life will be in direct proportion to the level of discomfort your can withstand.

Truth is, it took me many attempts to establish my vision. And I find myself constantly working on it. And I should! As I grow, so does my vision.

The key is to get started!

Remember, version one is better than version none.

Life Is A Song, Not A Crescendo

I love this analogy because it has two great meanings. 

Firstly, I’m a strong believer that there’s only so much you can do at any one time. Although I preach balanced lifestyle, much like a music conductor conducting his orchestra, you must choose the areas of your life carefully that you focus on at specific times.

Otherwise you risk doing a mediocre job at everything …

Of course it’s important not to lose focus of the untouched areas for long. Balance and harmony are essential when creating your musical masterpiece.

Things can become unbalanced quickly when you neglect areas of your life. And that’s when problems occur. Particularly with your health or relationships!

In addition to this, we seem to have been primed to believe that if we just put our heads down and work hard we’ll one day achieve a miraculous state of happiness.

Thus we tend to focus primarily on one or two areas in life. Education and career.

Once we climb the corporate ladder, earn enough money, or own enough nice things, we’ll reach an elusive state of utopia.

Unfortunately, this concept is both unbalanced, and completely backward.

How do I know this?

Whilst working with some of the most wealthy people in the country and having met people with net worths well over half a billion dollars I’ve learned two very important lessons:

  1. Wealth definitely does not equal happiness
  2. In almost all cases, success came as a result of happiness

Sacrificing your health for wealth is definitely not the answer. Wealth is not an end result. Instead, it should be considered nothing more than a vehicle to support your utopian lifestyle.

I can guarantee you, if you learn to balance your lifestyle and enjoy the journey, your path to success and true wealth will be much more likely.

So don’t martyr yourself for your wealth.