2018!!! What’s your plan?

Exciting times here at Unity Gym … yesterday we hosted an advertising agency who were here photographing for a revolutionary new cancer treatment.

The exciting part (for me atleast) is that this specific treatment works best in conjunction with exercise. (hence why the shoot was in our gym). And they (the pharmaceutical company) strongly suggest this new treatment be used in conjunction with regular gym exercise.

We don’t often support such projects … but this time I thought it was really cool.

Personally, as you can imagine … I think any treatment would probably work better with regular exercise.

But that’s just my opinion …

The model they were shooting was a super friendly 72 year old bloke who looked extremely healthy and fit.

It was interesting chatting to him about what he’d done his whole life to stay in such amazing shape.

One of his secrets … was goal setting.

He has a habit of setting huge audacious goals to do things like run marathons … do 10 pull ups and 100 push ups.

In fact … he’d set goals like these all his life.

Then he just got busy on a strategy that would achieve them.

I thought this was really interesting.

If you know me … I’m HUGE on strategy.

I love a good plan and every new client has what we call a fitness strategy session during the onboarding phase.

It’s become a huge part of our program.

In fact … it’s so important that a few years back Rad and I launched a new “Vision Intensive” workshop. (we now call it the Fitness Strategy Workshop).

Over an evening we set goals, identify potential problems preventing them and then … together as a community … we reverse engineer our fitness strategy for the year ahead.

We finish the live event by helping each participant identify the key daily behaviors that will ultimate lead to success in achieving their goals.

This is crucial … because there’s a monumental difference between something that can be manipulated on a daily basis … that will lead to success … and the end goal itself.

Take weight loss for example.

If you want to lose 15 kilograms … you can’t stand there staring at the scales. Unless you’re Luke Skywalker … no amount of focus will move the needle.

So what should you focus on?

A few key daily behaviors that will …

Like when you plan your meals, where you buy lunch, or when you eat it. Or how frequently or how hard you exercise at the gym.

These are obvious … and we go much deeper during the Fitness Strategy Workshop. But you get my point.

By focussing a disproportionate amount of your attention and effort on these critical daily behaviors…  plus, having a good strategy that turns them into habits … will ABSOLUTELY move the needle in the right direction!

And that’s what it’s all about.

There’s another really important part of the Fitness Strategy Workshop.

We also identify problems (roadblocks) that may already … or could potentially in the future … prevent you from getting the results you desire.

Say for instance … you nail the key fundamentals to weight loss. You’re getting to the gym regularly enough … you even pre-prepare all your meals well in advance to stay on track with your weight loss diet.

But you have a tendency to slip up with a dessert in front of your favorite Netflix show at night.

Sounds pretty obvious … but you’d be amazed how many people slip up here.

Firstly, most people won’t acknowledge that there’s a problem in the first place. Possibly feeling like they may deserve the snack?

I think we can all relate … right?

But this is a BIG problem. Particularly if you’re trying to lose 15 kilograms in a short amount of time.

A daily desert will completely blow out your diet!

So instead of avoiding, or ignoring the problem.

At the Fitness Strategy Workshop, we put a spotlight on it and make sure that:

  1. The problem is properly identified
  2. It’s given proper acknowledgement
  3. We create a strategy to overcome it

One of the other key secrets to this is that we help people to identify the real issues holding them back.

Because, let’s be real … EVERYONE has problems. And some are more costly to our goals than others…

We can’t go about fixing everything at once. We wouldn’t get anywhere with our goals.

So we help to uncover what I refer to as the domino’s.

These are the key problems that will have the biggest impact on our goals. And once knocked over … will tend to have a domino effect … knocking over other (less obvious) issues along the way.

This in itself is insanely powerful!

Something that everyone should do regularly …

So, at the start of every year we bring our community together to do just that!

  1. Set goals
  2. Identify problems
  3. Strategize solutions
  4. Uncover key behaviors

Now, unfortunately … the Fitness Strategy workshop is strictly reserved for members and their guests.

BUT … we do invite everyone who participates in the January 30 Day Health Kickstart program.

Weather you continue with us after the 30 day program ends or not … we make sure everyone has a solid fitness strategy for the new year.

As 2018 nears, I urge you to start thinking about your a plan to keep yourself growing, learning and achieving throughout the year.

If you don’t have one yet … here’s your chance to incorporate a proven plan that helps you stay focused and on course for reaching your most desired health and fitness goals.

In the meantime … have a wonderful week.

Here’s to your limitless success,

P.S. Some really good news … we had such an incredible response to our January Health Kick Start that Rad and I have decided to do two more launch dates. We now have three (3) groups of 20 starting on the following dates:

  1. Monday 08/01/2018
  2. Monday 15/01/2018
  3. Monday 22/01/2018

With the FREE bonus 2018 Fitness Strategy workshop on Monday the 29th, january.

Click here and join us in January.

P.P.S. Although we’ve opened up 40 more places … over half (33 people) have been sold.

We’re switching the marketing campaign of over Christmas and will reignite it on Boxing Day.

We always get a huge influx of new people after Christmas. Rad and I expect all three programs to be fully booked by January 8th. … Do NOT miss out on this life changing program!

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