Think of us like an epic exercise program, with a bonus gym membership. Our program is designed in 12 week blocks. Within each 12 week block are 3 x 4 week workouts. In strength and conditioning this is referred to as program periodisation.

Skills Workshops
Level Up Your Performance
Learn an exciting new skill or improve your technique in just 90 minutes. Skills covered:
1. Handstand Skills
2. Muscle Up Skills
3. Flag & Lever Skills
4. Squating Essentials
5. Deadlift Essentials
6. Mobility Essentials
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Trial Membership
The 30-Day Masterclass
Try our unique program and mix with our amazing tribe. For 30 days you’ll get full access to our facility, program and online support while we try to impress you so much you never want to leave.
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A Program Block
12-Week Program Block
For people preferring to test the water before joining our tribe. This membership allows you to do so whilst still benefiting from a full 12 week training block. The Block is also ideal for people unable to commit to a full 12 months.
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Tribe Membership
12-Month Membership
For people with big goals, ready to commit 100%. Tribe members learn how to take their body and skill to the highest level by cultivating healthy new movement, mindset and nutrition rituals that stand the test of time.
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What’s Different About The Foundation Movement System

Instead of just burning calories, we teach people how to move. If you want to achieve your desired body weight, improve your strength and mobility, or even overcome an annoying injury, our program has everything you need.

Unlike other gyms or personal training programs … Unity Gym’s Foundation Movement System is the only one that conquers the real reasons holding people back, so you reach your true potential and maintain it for life.

Personal training includes one-to-one, semi-private and group training options, online education, live events and workshops, plus a supportive community that empowers you to grow.

Unity Gym’s Personal Training Process

  • 1
    Clarify your vision and set goals that challenge you to grow.
  • 2
    Assess where you are now, determine priorities, and create a plan to move forward.
  • 3
    Take action and get the systems, tools, and coaching you need to succeed.

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