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Unity Gym specialises in helping busy corporate professionals gain a performance advantage where health can begin to limit your career. By increasing physical and mental stamina we empower our clients to breakthrough their limits and reach the peak of their profession with the endurance and confidence of world leaders.

Unlike crowded, big-chain gyms and personal training studios that treat you like a number, Unity Gym focuses on providing first-class customer service and holistic support for every single member.  Training alongside like-minded professionals in a private, luxury facility, you’ll feel like it’s a positive extension of your business network.

Unity Gym is a total health solution – offering nutritional and lifestyle advice, workshops, seminars and constant support to show you how to make a significant and sustainable improvement to your health, and therefore your life.


Unlike a lot of trainers out there who have only the bare minimum when it comes to qualifications and knowledge, our personal trainers are highly educated and experienced in the health and fitness industry.

Sourced exclusively by Directors Yani & Rad, our trainers are carefully selected before being coached and nurtured through our 12 month mentorship program. Many bring with them tertiary education including exercise and sports science, physiology or physiotherapy.

Unlike other personal training studios where you only work with one personal trainer, at Unity Gym your physical challenges and progression is shared amongst all of our trainers so you benefit from the collective knowledge and expertise of our entire personal training team.  Naturally, people excel in different areas so for you it’s like having 4 or 5 personal trainers looking after your health for the price of one.

Supported by our 100% Money Back Results Guarantee*, our personal training programs are tailored to suit your specific goals and needs, then revised and updated regularly to ensure a steady progression with your results.

Choose between private or semi-private personal training with an experienced Health Coach. 30 or 60min sessions available. See our services page for more info.

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Healthy relationships are a vital component of health and wellbeing – it’s the key to success in your career and in your personal life.

Research shows that healthy relationships can help you live longer, be happier, deal with stress and feel richer in all aspects of your life.

At Unity Gym, we believe relationships are a huge contributing factor to the term ‘holistic health’.

We take pride and enjoyment in building strong relationships within our clients and within our team.  Through our social/fitness community, we provide a platform for all of our members to connect with each other on a personal and business level … and when it comes to your career, there is nothing more valuable than being well-connected with the right people.

Peak performance at the gym = peak performance in life!

We all know that without health, nothing else matters.  Your body is your own personal vehicle that takes you everywhere on the ‘road trip’ that is life.  And we want you to have the best.  (Wouldn’t you rather drive a Ferrari over a Hyundai?)

When you are strong in your mind and your physical body, you become unstoppable in your career and in your personal life.  You wake every day with maximum energy, passion and focus for taking on whatever life throws at you.  As your professional health consultants, this is our plan for you.


Having the right support network around you is essential to staying motivated and keeping your momentum once you’ve started towards reaching your goals.

What our clients love most about our gym is our community.  To them, Unity Gym is a place they come to be inspired, have fun, connect with friends and network amongst professional peers.

At Unity Gym, you’ll never feel like just another number in a sea of unknown faces.  When you become a member, you become part of our family and we’ll go out of our way to make sure you’re feelin’ the love.

Every month we get together at the Unity Social Club event to let our hair down and have some fun with friends.  They say if you want to be happy and successful, you should surround yourself with other happy and successful people. The Unity Gym Social Club is the perfect opportunity to connect and align yourself with positive and influential people in a casual setting and you never know what doors it may open for your career or your personal life.


  • Provide first class health coaching to our local community
  • Display honesty and integrity, always leading by example
  • Provide a welcoming, social and supportive gym environment
  • Create raving fans by achieving life-changing results for our clients
  • Build strong relationships within our team and with other industry leading professionals
  • Follow sustainability practices to minimise impact on the environment


To improve the health and wellbeing of our clients through nutrition and physical fitness, maximising overall performance in their personal and professional lives.


Environment.  Minimising our businesses impact on the environment comes naturally in the way we operate, as it does in our personal lives.  We aim to run efficiently by minimising our consumption, reducing waste, recycling wherever possible and giving back by teaching and encouraging our members to do the same.

People.  Our most important resource is our people, that’s why we choose to create a workplace that allows personal sustainability.  Put simply, if we cannot look after ourselves we cannot pretend to advise others.   We aim for a happy, healthy workplace for our team to thrive and prosper by supporting flexible working hours, exercise, healthy and ethical eating, diversity and friendship.

Community.  Our gym was created to serve and unite our community.  Our goal is to bring people together to encourage and support one another on the road to better living, starting with life’s most valuable asset – HEALTH!


Besides our member network, our professional health network can complete the picture for you as we are affiliated closely with Doctors, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists and more – which all go hand in hand on the road to holistic health. Unity Gym members can also enjoy discounts at selected practitioners.


Do you run your own small business? The gym is the perfect place to network your business and we are all for helping our local community thrive and prosper. Our community notice board is welcome for members to use for promoting their business, showing client testimonials, advertising special offers or simply getting their name out there.

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