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We feel empowered when we pursue excellence in physical movement. We want to live pain free, look and feel amazing and build a community of like minded people to share the journey with.

We’ve learnt that you can’t run towards something without running away from something else. For this reason we have created a holistic personal training program called the Foundation Movement System which is a combination of stretching and mobility, weight lifting and bodyweight training from Gymnastics and Calisthenics.

At Unity Gym we provide a detailed battle plan for surviving the office chair and reclaiming your birthright of mobility and freedom from pain. Our personal training program provides creative solutions to reduce the amount of time you spend seated as well as strategies for the workplace that will improve your productivity and your overall health.

You will learn how to lose weight, gain strength, identify and fix poor posture plus, how to prevent, treat, and resolve low back, neck, shoulder, and wrist pain; and avoid and reverse repetitive stress injuries.

“The last chapter of your life hasn’t been written yet!”



If you’re a busy corporate professional in Sydney who wants to take your health and fitness to the highest level then we have the perfect personal training gym for you.

Unlike crowded big-chain gyms that treat you like a number, Unity Gym is a family-owned facility that focuses on you as a unique individual.

With our exclusive Foundation Movement System we’ve revolutionised personal training through a holistic & systemised approach to exercise & nutrition.

Providing a network of elite personal trainers and a unique level of support to every individual we guarantee life changing improvements in health.

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Unlike regular personal training we provide a total health management program utilizing our revolutionary Foundation Movement System founded by company Directors Yani and Rad Burmeister and exclusive to Unity Gym.

Coupled together with the single most powerful component in reaching success on any level – a mastermind of healthy people supporting one another.

As Napoleon Hill states in his best selling book ‘Think and Grow Rich’, you become like the people you spend the majority of your time with; choose them wisely!

“Always question what others say is impossible”


To deliver happiness by teaching optimal movement, nutrition and lifestyle practices that will have a positive impact on the world.


  • We do more with less – We strive to educate ourselves to the highest level, comprehensively understanding human movement, limiting our reliance on restrictive assisted exercise equipment and harnessing the true capabilities of the human body
  • We always lead by example – We practice what we preach and understand that a person who inspires leads by setting an example instead of telling people what to do
  • We’re authentic and honest – Inspiration comes from showing people who you really are and never lying, deceiving or projecting a false identity – especially to our clients and audience on social media
  • We pursue growth and learning – We commit to adding value to the fitness industry by surrounding ourselves with smarter people, reading and listening to audiobooks and learning something new everyday
  • We’re passionate and determined – We acknowledge that achieving mastery as a personal trainer takes 10,000 hours of specific study, hard work, grit, determination and plenty of passion
  • We change lives and create raving fans – We provide the highest standard in customer service to create raving fans who absolutely love what we do because we know happy clients aren’t enough
  • We build open and honest relationships – We communicate clearly and honestly at all times to create lifelong relationships within our team and with our clients
  • We prioritize company culture and team – No matter how smart or skilled we are as an individual we understand that we will never be appreciated if we fail to contribute positively to, and support the culture
  • We welcome and support the community – We know that many people feel uncomfortable joining a gym, especially the people who need our help the most
  • We strive for autonomy, mastery and purpose – Unity Gym promises to provide an environment that enables the most essential human requirements to achieve ultimate happiness in life


At Unity Gym we understand that humans require a sense of achievement to remain happy and healthy. We also believe movement (strength & mobility) is a skill; and like any skill you must practice regularly to improve.

Approaching movement as a skill, and treating exercise as practice makes achievements more tangible day-to-day. Helping to fuel your motivation.

However, when you solely focus on aesthetic goals motivation is easily lost.

We believe this is because you probably won’t notice reductions in body fat from day-to-day; but, under the right personal trainer, you will notice improvements in movement quality.

That is why at Unity Gym with our personal training we focus on quality of movement as the primary indicator of health. Improvements in body composition come naturally as a side-effect to improvements in strength and mobility.

“He who says he can’t, and he who says he can, are both usually right!”


Besides our elite team of personal trainers and members network, our professional health network can complete the picture for you as we are affiliated closely with Doctors, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists and more – which all go hand in hand on the road to holistic health.

Unity Gym members can also enjoy discounts at selected practitioners.


Do you run your own small business? The gym is the perfect place to network your business and we are all for helping our local community thrive and prosper. Our community notice board is welcome for members to use for promoting their business, showing client testimonials, advertising special offers or simply getting their name out there.

“People don’t fail because of a lack of ability; people fail due to a lack of heart”

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