Unity Gym Ethos

“If you’re serious about getting fit and adding quality years to your life, there is no better place to be nurtured into great health.”

Lets face it, the vast majority of people who go to the gym are unsure about what they are doing and/or have limited knowledge on health and nutrition. This is why most struggle to see results.

At Unity Gym we’ve created an educational community environment for our members because we believe that coming to the gym should be an interactive learning experience. 

With a 100% money-back results guarantee on personal training, Unity Gym really is a total health solution – offering nutritional and lifestyle advice, workshops, seminars and constant support to show you how to make a significant change to your health, in and out of the gym.

“Instruction does much, but encouragement does everything.”

Our gym is very intimate, we like to get to know you and we take an active interest in your progress to ensure you get the results you’re after. Unity Gym is not a health club, it is a real gym with barbells and no BS. Our equipment was hand picked by some of Sydney’s strongest and most respected trainers – we can have up to 12 people squatting at once! (Not blowing our own trumpet here, but that’s pretty impressive.) 

We are North Sydney’s most exclusive gym. To maintain our close-knit community vibe and to minimise the risk of over-crowding we are limiting our total memberships to 500 people. (Most gyms have thousands.) Memberships are by application only and a consultation is required to ensure we are the right gym for you, prior to joining.

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One-on-one personal training and small group training sessions are our main focus ensuring that all members have the chance to work with a qualified strength coach and receive the right professional guidance, no matter what their budget may be.

All of our trainers are sourced by Yani & Rad exclusively, through our 12 month mentorship program. Many bring with them tertiary education including exercise and sports science, physiology or physiotherapy.

No matter who you’re training with, we all work together so you benefit from the collective knowledge of the whole team. This also ensures our products and services are delivered consistently, every time.

Motivation + Consistency + Support = STRENGTH IN UNITY

The three most important ingredients for any successful fitness goal.

Motivation:  Every member of our community is here for the same reason, to get fit and STAY fit! We integrate our members’ progress into social media, scoreboards and leader boards making it an interactive experience for all, which helps to keep you motivated.

Consistency:  Our frequently updated exercise programs, workouts of the day, ‘how to’ videos, competitions and social events are innovative and fun, giving you reasons to turn up every day and keep you coming back for more.

Support:  Unity gym is a place you will feel 100% comfortable and welcomed. A place you can really get to know your trainers and fellow members, which makes your experience much more personal and enjoyable. Together we socialise, share stories and celebrate each other’s victories, offering the much-needed support to keep our minds strong and focussed on our goals.


Being fit and healthy is more than just lifting weights – it’s a lifestyle choice.  To successfully maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle, you need support.  Our members know this, and what keeps them coming back again and again is the continued support and motivation they receive through our fitness community.

It’s all about being well connected – Unity Gym opens the doors for you to do just that.

We offer you the opportunity to rub shoulders with an entire network of people – through small group training, social gatherings, events and workshops that are both fun and informative.  Interact and share experiences with like-minded people, increase your knowledge and gain the tools needed to always be moving forward towards your fitness goals.  You’ll even make new friends that won’t give you stick about your ‘healthy attitude’… which is a massive support bonus!

As a member of Unity Gym you are no longer ‘just another number’, you are now part of our family.  We are passionate about making a positive influence on each and every one of you.  We will encourage and empower you to constantly evolve – in mind, body and spirit – and hopefully change your life forever.


  • Provide industry-leading exercise programming and overall wellness to our local community
  • Display honesty and integrity, always leading by example
  • Provide an environment that is welcoming and supportive for all members
  • Create raving fans by striving for professionalism and over-delivering in all aspects of our business
  • Build strong strategic alliances with industry-leading professionals from a variety of local businesses
  • Follow sustainability practices to minimise impact on the environment


To operate a high quality total health facility with a friendly community environment.  To prescribe exercise and nutritional programs that we guarantee, which are individually focused and tailored to suit our customers’ specific goals.  With multiple supervised exercise options and a combination of strong customer service, highly qualified staff and a comfortable, well-equipped facility - we empower our members to find their breakthrough by attaining their
health and fitness goals whilst developing life-long positive habits.


Environment.  Minimising our businesses impact on the environment comes naturally in the way we operate, as it does in our personal lives.  We aim to run efficiently by minimising our consumption, reducing waste, recycling wherever possible and giving back by teaching and encouraging our members to do the same.

People.  Our most important resource is our people, that’s why we choose to create a workplace that allows personal sustainability.  Put simply, if we cannot look after ourselves we cannot pretend to advise others.   We aim for a happy, healthy workplace for our team to thrive and prosper by supporting flexible working hours, exercise, healthy and ethical eating, diversity and friendship.

Community.  Our gym was created to serve and unite our community.  Our goal is to bring people together to encourage and support one another on the road to better living, starting with life’s most valuable asset – HEALTH!


Besides our member network, our professional health network can complete the picture for you as we are affiliated closely with Doctors, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists and more – which all go hand in hand on the road to holistic health. Unity Gym members can also enjoy discounts at selected practitioners.


Do you run your own small business? If so, Unity Gym wants YOU! The gym is the perfect place to network your business and we are all for bringing our local community together to thrive and prosper. Our local business pin-up board is welcome for all members to use for promoting their business, showing testimonials, advertising special offers or simply getting their name out there.