The Unity Gym Story

From Personal Trainers, To Gym, To Mobile App

About Unity Gym

We help middle aged mums and dads who enjoy working out, achieve better strength and flexibility, so they can continue enjoying their best years.

Our superpower is being able to instantly identify where you are on your journey, and exactly what you need most to get your next giant leap forwards.

By applying the Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) principle to thousands of client case studies and our own personal experience, we have broken flexibility development into three simple stages.

- Stage 1: Just starting your stretching journey and want your first quick win?

- Stage 2: Stretching regularly with decent mobility but hitting roadblocks?

- Stage 3: Flexible but need more strength, or strong but lack flexibility?

Our tribe thrives because we help get you laser focused on the 20% of content that will deliver 80% of your results. Unity Gym is the 80/20 principle ‘Pareto Law’ applied to health and fitness!

Knowing the three stages, and what stage you’re at in your journey can be the difference between frustrating plateaus, painful injuries and monumental leaps forward in skill!

Our Journey

The journey of Unity Gym began December 5th 2004 in North Sydney, Australia, where we started as personal trainers.

But as we grew, we noticed a gap in the traditional fitness approach, inspiring us to open Unity Gym and redefine the concept of exercise.

Identifying a lack of flexibility in the average member despite the sea of free flexibility YouTube videos, we set out to create a road map to physical evolution so our tribe could unlock strength and flexibility for the things they love like calisthenics, weight lifting and martial arts.

The UMS Evolution

We first developed our breakthrough 20-Minute Mobility Routine, to deliver instant results for people just getting started on their stretching journey. The routine was an instant hit with our tribe, igniting our motivation to want more.

This led us to create the Flexibility Masterclass, a more advanced stretching program that offered a deeper exploration into the world of flexibility training for people at stage two in their physical development.

The final step was to complete the Unity Gym road map with a Flexibility Blueprint to enable our tribe to identify their stage and exactly what matters most for their next leap forward.

The Inception Of Unity Gym Online

When we were forced to temporarily close our gym doors in 2020, we viewed this setback as an opportunity. With the growing demand for a comprehensive program integrating strength and flexibility, we decided to digitize our gym program for a wider audience.

Our Unify Movement System (UMS) is the embodiment of this vision. It was a massive undertaking, involving hundreds of hours of video tutorials, countless workout follow-alongs, and meticulous research to find the most user-friendly platform. 

However, our commitment to our community fueled us to successfully develop the UMS into a digital product: the UMS-Tribe Membership, which we refer to as stage three (or the specialist stage) program!

Whether you are “Hulk” strong, but lack functional flexibility, or super flexible, but lack strength, at this stage it is not a one-size-fits-all situation. The path to peak performance is progression tailored to your unique needs and goals.

A Personalized Fitness Journey

The UMS-Tribe Membership is more than a fitness program; it's a platform for personal evolution. It offers a fully customizable experience tailored to individual goals, schedules, training experience, injury history, and equipment availability. 

With a focus on integrating strength, flexibility, and fitness into every workout, we aim to make fitness a personal journey, not a one-size-fits-all endeavour.

Unity Gym Today

Today, Unity Gym isn't just a business, but a thriving global community of fit mums and dads dedicated to personal growth through strength and flexibility training.

Our innovative programs – the 20-Minute Mobility Routine, the Flexibility Masterclass, and the UMS-Tribe Membership – have transformed lives worldwide, inspiring individuals to redefine their physical limits.

As we move forward, our vision remains steadfast: to empower personal evolution through fitness.

We invite you to join us on this journey of self-improvement and experience the triumphant feeling of balancing strength, flexibility, and fitness in your life.

Better strength, flexibility and fitness in less time so you can enjoy your best years.

Flexibility Blueprint

Learn exactly what your body needs right now for the next big leap forward.

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